Black London is a group of peculiar people where each one has their artistic and vital space but with a common point which is the sound we try to achieve, dancing between pop and post-hardcore.
Two web programmers, a production manager and a teacher… it almost sounds like a bad joke. Two of them in Castellón, another in Valencia and the scattered one in Barcelona. We listen to everything from pop, techno, classical to metal, hardcore and twerking.
We have no rules regarding the sound we want to achieve, we always look for that almost visceral feeling that makes you feel that a song is good, regardless of whether it is more or less hard.
Since their first release, finally, in June 2021, they have played in the area of Castellón and surroundings. With the latest singles yet to be released and a new EP on the way for 2023, Black London can't wait to hit stages around the world.

our music